“Ro Jordan shows us her amazing vocals in ('Been Here Before')! Beautifully orchestrated and well produced, I believe she is an all-round exceptionally talented individual and this song is something rather special.”

- Ben Jackson, BBC Radio Leicester


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Ro Jordan is a musician/singer, and songwriter. Ro is a recurring singing act on BBC Introducing East Midlands and other radio stations around the Midlands, and commonly performs in and around the Leicestershire and London. From a young age, Ro developed a primary passion for performing, attending well-known theatre schools including Sylvia Young's Theatre School and Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts. Since her school years, Ro has pursued her passion for singing by teaching herself how to play musical instruments such as, the piano and guitar, writing her own songs, and gone on to produce them alongside Nathan Cooper, at Fiction Studios in London. Her overall ambition and desire is to connect with audiences through her music globally.

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Ro Jordan - Western Park Festival

Born in the East Midlands, new musician, Ro Jordan, has a passion for producing and sharing original sound with various audiences. Currently being played in and around the Midlands, Ro has already been played on  BBC Radio and 1Xtra, as well as multiple others, both local and national.

Ro has had the pleasure of performing on stage alongside

other talents at BBC Introducing:  'Gigs in The Gardens' at De Montfort Hall, Leicester, and received many positive reviews, which continued after performing at Western Park Festival. Having a strong resemblance to the vocal talents of Whitney Houston, with her powerful, soulful voice and stage presence, Ro has the vocals of a classic singing professional - a strong performer, who has an equal balance of songwriting capabilities and the versatility to perform fabulous renditions of Amy Winehouse's Jazz classics, to Lauryn Hill's iconic Hip-Hop, which includes her rap ability. Ro Jordan’s ultimate goal is to bond with audiences by sharing music with soulful intentions. Most recently, her Debut Music video, 'Speak Up Ladies', has gained almost 70 thousand streams in views and continues to gain many streams on Spotify. Ro is set to become the next UK's ‘must-watch’ musical artist.

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Independent artist, Ro Jordan, has always had a flair for music and singing, having studied at Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, and later developing her abilities as, not just a musical artist, but as a performer, is currently in the spotlight in and around the East Midlands showcasing her original content. 

Coming from a musical background, Ro has continuously discovered new and exciting ways to produce music, and is self-taught in guitar and piano. 

She is currently being played on BBC Radio and 1Xtra as well as multiple others, both local and national. Ro's biggest achievements include having the pleasure of performing at iconic venue in her hometown of Leicester, DeMonfort Hall, where she performed her original pieces during BBC Introducing: 'Gigs in The Gardens' act. Receiving much praise and having vocal resemblances to talents such as, Whitney Houston, Ro elicits powerful, soulful vocals, and stage presence of an old professional vocalist. 

Ro has also had the opportunity to perform in Bangkok, Thailand, with an audience of over 25 thousand. She is a performer who is equally talented at writing catchy tunes and has the versatility to perform renditions of Amy Winehouse's Jazz classics to Lauryn Hill's iconic Hip-Hop, including her rap ability.

With Ro's single, 'Speak Up Ladies', reaching almost 70 thousand views, and now streams on Spotify, she is set to become the UK's music artist 'One to watch'.

LIve Performance Gigs in The Gardens




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Ro Jordan - Been Here Before (Official Video)
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Oceans Apart - Breathe feat. Ro Jordan (Official Music Video)
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Ro Jordan - Colourblind (Official Video)
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'Been Here Before' (SINGLE)

“Cinematic, indeed. This feels like the end-credits ballad to a big-screen romantic drama. Soulful, tragic and beautiful. I like the panned percussion; I also like the fact it's used sparingly, so as not to get in the way of the rich vocals that are rightly the song's centrepiece. This song is quite splendid.”


- Tinnitist Blog

“What an incredible song! The vocals, the lyrics and the instrumentals blends well with the lyrical storyline. I think everyone has had that feeling of ‘been here before’. Thank you for sharing this lovely heartfelt song.”


- LHMPR Radio On Air

“Ro Jordan shows us her amazing vocals in this brand new single she has released! Beautifully orchestrated and well produced, I believe she is an all round exceptionally talented individual and this song is something rather special.” 


- Ben Jackson | BBC Radio

“This Artist is an absolute diamond. Her music has been crafted to perfection and her vocals are just stunning! So excited for her.”


- Andy Pierce | BBC Radio

“I don’t quite know what she has done, or how has she has achieved it, but Ro Jordan has done it again. This song is absolutely brilliant. We were captivated by it in the studio. I am making it ‘Track Of The Week’!"

- Dean Jackson | BBC Radio


Western Park Festival 2019

"Over on the bandstand I found a rapping Ro Jordan, and doing a sublime job of it, too. Having seen Ro at a few local events over the years, it was great to see her and hear her voice mature nicely..."

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DeMonfort Hall: 'Gigs in The Gardens' 2019

"Those of you went to the Western Park festival, in July this year, will remember Ro Jordan’s performance there. We reported on it at the time. Our reviewer commented that she reminded him of Whitney Houston..."

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“So much feeling in it. You will agree with me. With its immensely atmospheric orchestral arrangement, Jordan has made an arena concert experience in this one song. Now that’s an achievement. She fuses R&B and Pop/Soul effortlessly.”


- Lefuturewave Blog

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BBC Introducing: Track of the Week (2018)

BBC Introducing: Track of the Week (2019)

BBC Introducing: Track of the Week (2020)

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